About us:

Nakhbafanharir Company, having service records for 30 years, as the most mobilized unique textile and hospital garments unit, is the producer of all types of hospital garments applying the latest technical knowledge and textile machinery technology. This company includes the units with coordinated capacity and beside each other. Designing and selection of machinery of production lines is in such a way that we have high capability in production of all type of hospital garments and cloths at global standards level using the latest technical an technology knowledge. This made possible our accessibility to world markets.

Considering the goods world markets, communication with global valid companies for production and distribution of garments, introducing trademark of the company in and out of the country for durable presence in production of cloth, are some of points that Nakhbafanharir Company always takes into account and have been and will be the basis for movement of this company. On the other hand, Nakhbafanharir Company, with particular considenration on research and development and by seientific and prospective appoach tries to establish his information technology architecture based on the latest world achievements and by using modern methods of managments through consumption of significant budget simultaneously formation of organization architecture.


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Unit 5, First Floor, No 11, Miremad St, Motahari Ave,. Tehran, 1587983567 - IRAN
Tel: (+9821) 88743312 , 88744505 , 88506595 Fax: (+9821) 88732576
Email: Info@nakhbafanharir.com